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If you’re looking to hire a freelance writer and editor with both academic and professional qualifications, consider hiring me via UpWork or my contact page.

As an undergraduate at UCSC, I was known among my peers, TAs, and professors as a serious and driven student. I maintained a 3.9 GPA and graduated summa cum laude. At the culmination of my studies, I designed, wrote, edited, and self-published a book of poetry.

Baby’s First Cry

Buy it at: TheBookPatch.com

BFC export 1

I also self-published an excerpt of my upcoming science-fantasy novel.

Living Lush

LL cover 2 text moved

During my time at UCSC, I developed my skills as an academic writer, blogger, editor, and creative writer. However, I also held two writing and editing intensive work positions.

One was as an intern for the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program, and the other was as a writing tutor at Learning Support Services. I worked as a writing tutor for three of my four years at UCSC. Over the course of my employment, I developed the ability to work quickly without compromising the quality of my service. I also designed, wrote, and edited various handouts on writing to give to students, such as:

My Essay Formula

How to Revise

Click the links above to view two of my tutoring handouts.

Since graduating from UCSC, I have continued to utilize my writing and editing skills through writing my blog. I have written:

TV Reviews

Personal Essays

Academic Article Reviews

and more.

If after considering my qualifications you believe I would be a good fit for your next project, hire me via UpWork or my contact page.

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