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Escape Pub is an eBook library organized into three categories: Free, For Purchase, and Coming Soon. Genres include: science fiction, fantasy, romance, psychological, and hurt/comfort.

As a child, reading was my escape. However, it was a hard escape to access. My town’s library was far from my home, and I had exhausted every book on my father’s bookshelf. I had no money, and the supply of books at the school library was too slow to satiate me. Plus, I didn’t have access to those books over the summer. So I began reading online.

I discovered entire websites where people posted their fiction and fanficion–for free. I read voraciously. I consumed all I could. Then, I began posting my own fiction and fanfiction online for others to read free of charge. I wanted nothing more than to be of service in this way–to write worlds, characters, and scenarios that would help others escape the way I needed to.

Now I am an adult recently graduated from UCSC, and I’d like to return to my roots. Escape Publications sets out to provide quality escapist fanfiction, fiction, and non-fiction. And if you can’t pay, that’s okay. However, please do leave a comment and let me know how Escape Publications has helped you pursue your passion for reading.

Because I believe everyone deserves to escape. The time we spend in fictional worlds is time we take for ourselves, time that helps us be our best selves.



*You can read my fanfiction on Archive of Our Own for free by clicking here.

Request Diversion, a Cabin Pressure fanfiction. Gen.

Martin joins “Knapp-Shappey’s Transport: Directions, Drives, and Drop-offs,” one of the few local businesses run by psychics. The boss’ son is thrilled with him, but his one and only coworker is… well, not of the same mind.

My First Sight, a Star Trek: The Original Series fanfiction. Kirk/Spock.

Spock is not overly familiar with emotion. Thus, it is only logical, that when his sight is taken from him, the emotional repercussions of this loss catch him quite unawares.

Destination, a Naruto fanfiction. Sasuke/Naruto.

In a world where the hidden villages have been dissolved of their militant capabilities, Sasuke Uchiha struggles to find his place.


For Purchase

Baby’s First Cry, a book of prose poetry. Memoir/pastoral.

A collection of short stories and poems inspired by the author’s childhood, Baby’s First Cry is a heart-wrenching tale of the love, neglect, and misunderstandings that abound in a childhood defined by warring parents.

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Coming Soon

This National Novel Writing Month, I will be completing my novel Living Lush. Track my progress at

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